Sterna Lawyers is run and managed by lawyer Ainhoa Manero.  After her experience in the United States as a specialist in the constitution of international societies, business visas and residency permits for companies, executives, and investors, she decided to start a firm in Spain specializing in the migratory necessities required for the expatriation of national employees and the hiring of foreign personnel for Spanish labour market incorporation.

Ainhoa Manero stands out as a lawyer for her training and specialization at an international level. She has a bachelor´s degree in Law and Business Studies from ICADE, a master´s degree in International Law from the University of Miami and a postgraduate degree in Migration from the City University of New York (CUNY). Her dynamic vision and efficiency in legal practice acquired abroad is one of the added values of Sterna Lawyers.

For this reason she has put together a highly specialized team which has become the solution for all businesses looking for the right international mobility implementation strategy.

Sterna Abogados es una empresa de servicios legales para la movilidad internacional de empleados. Sterna Lawyers is a legal services company for international employee mobility.