The Firm

Sterna Lawyers is a legal service firm specializing in international mobility with a different approach than that of traditional law firms and immigration competitors.

As a company we ensure our clients the highest quality service. We are constantly improving our management and production processes to ensure that each and every client only pays for excellent service.

Our specialization in immigration law is based on each of our professional´s previous experience acquired over the past years. We only hire the best in order to guarantee high value-added service that is both effective and without undue delay.

Our focus here at Sterna Lawyers is 100% client-oriented.


We do not offer a fixed hourly rate for our services. As specialists in our field it allows us to design effective procedures that guarantee the proper execution of each of our client´s projects. We know what our job entails, we enjoy doing it, and we do it well.  Our experience and knowledge allows us to effectively calculate the procedure execution time and cost for each individual case.


Efficiency and speed characterize our services. Such attributes are highly valued by our clients and are an essential part of our work culture. We offer quality, professionalism and immediacy.


We provide our customers with a powerful management technology and communication platform with which they may check the status of their project around the clock.

Its user interface in English allows for convenient usability for foreign clients and multinational companies.

We carefully store all information related to each individual record, bill or other means of communication with our lawyers. As a client, you will have private access to customer service, not only allowing you to consult freely and download necessary documents, but also allowing you to send, modify or share information with your lawyer in a safe and personalized environment.

Network Of Contacts

We have a wide network of international offices composed of close colleagues and contacts that we collaborate with to guarantee global coverage of our client´s needs. This network allows us to provide our clients with counselling services particular to each country, such as in language, culture and idiosyncrasies.  This makes for better understanding among our team.

Our network of contacts uses the same technology platform to benefit our clients.  This allows us to unify work procedures and communication resources with our clients, enhance transparency, and optimize the flow of information and the management of records.

Our mission: To contribute to globalization and sustainable development of society, as well as to organizations and individuals overcoming bureaucratic boundaries in professional practice, by using advanced technology to ensure excellence and quality in all of our departments.

Our vision: To be a strong, dynamic and proactive leader in international mobility services. To offer high-valued advising services geared towards improving strategic and operational cooperation for clients.

Our values:

  • Professionals:
    • Responsibility: Treat client-related problems as our own, with absolute involvement and professionalism.

    • Efficiency: Propose useful, accesible and comprehensive solutions.

    • Quality: Seek client satisfaction by providing excellent service.

    • Proximity: Maintain a close relationship with the client.

    • Proactivity, Anticipation and Dynamism: Anticipate our client´s needs and ideas, propose ongoing improvements in our consultancy service, and propose solutions to all issues raised. To be constantly progressing and evolving.

    • Innovative capacity: Offer new solutions in all aspects of our services.

  • Individuals:
    Honesty and integrity, respect, transparency, respect of values of pluralism and diversity, recognition of talent and promotion, teamwork.
  • Social:
    Social awareness, equality and sustainable development.
Sterna Abogados es una empresa de servicios legales para la movilidad internacional de empleados. Sterna Lawyers is a legal services company for international employee mobility.