New Models of International Families

The globalization process in which we live has changed how we view the family model.  As a result of international mobility, there are families that have moved to live temporarily or permanently in another country, families that have been formed by partnerships or marriages of different nationalities, and there are families that have habitual residences in different countries. These new family models share a common bond: the international element.

Such scenarios within international family law are complex. Therefore, it is fundamental that those partnerships, mixed marriages or those relationships formed by two people of the same nationality who have chosen to move abroad, seek guidance from lawyers specializing in international family law.

In Sterna Lawyers we offer an overall assessment; we study each specific case and we offer solutions to international family crisis. We also offer advisory services dealing with family migration, given that it is extremely important to know how our rights must be safeguarded when changing a family´s residence, having children in another country, or getting married to someone of a different nationality.

In Sterna Lawyers we specialize in the following areas of international family law:

  • Mixed marriage
  • International affiliation
  • International protection of minors
  • Parent and Child Relations
  • International adoption
  • Same-sex marriage
  • International abduction of minors
  • International reclamation of child support
  • Divorce, separation and marriage annulment
  • Exequatur and recognition of foreign judgements
Sterna Abogados es una empresa de servicios legales para la movilidad internacional de empleados. Sterna Lawyers is a legal services company for international employee mobility.