Sterna Lawyers is a law firm that specializes in international mobility.

We offer comprehensive legal advice services to companies and individuals in response to professional needs, with a high degree of specialization in immigration.

We live in an age where migratory mobility in Spain has intensified.  On the one hand, Spanish companies are submerged in full internationalization involving the transfer of external personnel for weeks, months or years. On the other hand, the government is encouraging investment, proposing flexible policies to boost the economy by facilitating the incorporation of foreign personnel into the Spanish labour market.  We fully believe that in contracting highly qualified workers within Spanish companies, productivity and bilateral relations between countries will improve the Spanish economy.

Sterna Lawyers gives answer and solution for both employee and manager transfer outside of Spain, and for foreign personnel within Spain in need of guidance and accompaniment in the regularization process.

Current immigration policies also encourage foreign investment.  We offer dynamic and efficient procedures where residency permits are granted to foreign investors according to the following investments: a 500,000€ investment in real estate, a 1,000,000€ investment in stocks or shares of Spanish companies, or bank deposits in Spanish banks, a 2,000,000€ investment in Spanish Debt Bonds, as well as business project investments.

Below we have provided links that will take you to the main migratory procedures that exist in Spain:

Sterna Abogados es una empresa de servicios legales para la movilidad internacional de empleados. Sterna Lawyers is a legal services company for international employee mobility.