Economic internationalization, the ongoing search for new horizons, and the day to day situations that arise, increasingly impose more challenges to national immigration legislations. Doubts due to various sources of information have given rise to many questions among potential recipients and clients. A clearer more concise review of the law will facilitate greater understanding. Let´s take a closer look at the different visa procedures required when travelling to Peru.

Peru grants two types of visas to enter the country: a temporary visa and a residence visa. The one granted depends on the activity being performed by the applicant (worker, designated worker, business, independent investor or professional etc.). All of these are specifically defined according to the law.

As a general rule, the procedure begins in the consulate of Peru in Spain or in Peru before competent authorities, taking into account the fulfillment of all general and specific requirements demanded by the law for each individual category.

The business, tourism and journalism visa shall be requested before Peru´s consular offices in Spain. In the first two cases, a temporary visa is always granted. In the last case, according to the purpose of the trip, a multiple entry temporary or residence visa is granted. The visa is granted for one year and it is renewable for the same period of time as the initial visa and your intended stay in Peru.

It is important to note that Spanish citizens do NOT need to request a tourist visa if they are going for tourism purposes only. They only need to travel with their Spanish passport. Their stay cannot exceed 183 days. This time frame cannot be extended.

Some of the requirements for the business visa include the following:

• The foreign company or union sending the foreigner to Peru must submit a letter of economic solvency addressing various aspects of their stay in the country, or
• The company in Peru (when the trip is linked to a specific national company) must submit a letter laying out certain aspects of the applicant´s stay in Spain

The artist, employee, religious worker, student, independent (investor or professional), designated worker, rentier and family member resident visas must be requested before the National Migration Office in Peru. Artist and designated worker visas are temporary visas and rentier and family member resident visas are residence visas. In all other cases either a temporary or residence visa is granted depending on the situation.

The following are some of the requirements that must be fulfilled in order to apply for these visas:

• Artist Visa: You must submit a legalized copy of your contract certified by an immigration notary before entering the country. It must be received by the Ministry of Labour and Promotion of Employment and the Peruvian National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT). You must also submit a legalized copy of the inter-union permit (Pase Inter-syndical) issued by the Peruvian syndicate that joins foreign artists by specialty or genre.

• Worker Visa: You must submit the application along with a legalized copy of your work contract approved by administration authorities. It must be submitted in no more than 15 days after it has been approved. You must also submit the hiring company´s legal representative´s valid certification documentation issued by the Registry office. If the contract is signed in Peru then the customer must find himself in a regular immigration status or have a special permit that allows him to sign the contract there. If the contract is signed outside of Peru, then it must be legalized at the Peruvian consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office or apostilled.

• If you are an entrepreneur, an independent or autonomous investor, you must provide the following:

-A minimum of 30,000 American dollars or its equivalent in Peruvian currency
-A legalized or certified copy of stock / share transfer along with the stock and shares registry book
-A legalized or certified copy of the deed of transfer of shares.

The money must come from overseas and the investment must create at least 5 new job positions for Peruvians. You must also submit a feasibility and development business plan. If we are dealing with new companies then a business plan written by a qualified professional must be submitted. It must be duly authorized and certified.

• If you are an entrepreneur, an independent or autonomous professional, you must submit the application along with a legalized and certified copy of your professional association registration in order to carry out the profession in Peru. If you are not part of a professional association then you must submit a legalized copy of your professional degree validated by the university or the National Assembly of Rectors of Peru. Workers under this category at not authorized to work for paid employment.
If you have a company and you outsource your services in Peru, the visa application must include a certified or legalized copy of the contract for provision of services, technical cooperation or something similar signed by the company and the individual or the Peruvian legal entity receiving the service. It must be duly legalized at the Peruvian consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or apostilled if signed overseas. You must also individually submit the document of appointment for each employee issued by the company overseas. It must be legalized in the Peruvian consulate and Ministry of Foreign Affairs or apostilled indicating the employee´s given name and surname(s), nationality, age, passport number and specialty beneficiary as well as the length of service to be carried out in Peru. (This document must specify that the remunerations as well as the any other type of payment to be settled by the foreign company. It must state that the beneficiary will not have any dependent relationship with the national company). You must also submit a letter issued by the Peruvian company receiving the service indicating the type of activity and location where the service will be carried out. It must specify that the work being carried out is that of a highly-skilled position and that there are no other available applicants in the country with the same qualifications to fill that position.

All the visas are valid for 6 months (with the exception of specific cases determined by the law whose results will vary based on the circumstances). Your residency start date is based on the visa´s date of issue. If the visa expires before the visa holder uses it, the consulate will not return the money.

Temporary & Residence Visa Specifics

The temporary visa and its renewal allow the visa holder to enter the country multiple times as long as the visa is valid. The residency visa authorizes the visa holder to reside on national territory, leave and return while the visa is still valid, and apply for the foreigner identification card before competent authorities. The foreigner may also apply for a change in their immigration status and apply to change their visa, while maintaining the same immigration status.

It is very important to address these procedural questions so that the process runs more smoothly and efficiently. We strongly advise you to seek guidance from an immigration lawyer before applying for any of the aforementioned visas so that they can set you off on the right foot.



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