Workers belonging to countries where a convention exists with Spain: Chile and Peru

In certain circumstances, the national employment situation is not taken into account when incorporating foreign workers into the Spanish labour market, such as if a convention exists between Spain and the worker’s country of origin.
A company may hire these workers, even though they will fill a position where no qualification is needed, and despite that there are unemployed workers of similar profile within Spain.
The following requirements must be met:

1. Submit a contract signed by the employer and employee that guarantees the employee ongoing work for at least one year.
2. The terms and conditions of the work contract must be in line with the existing regulations regarding minimum wage and the hours of work. In the case of a part-time contract, the compensation must be equal to or higher than the minimum wage for full-time and annual compensation.
3. The applicant must possess the proper training, and if applicable, the professional qualifications required by law to work in this profession.
4. The petitioning employer must be enrolled in the Social Security System and have no outstanding tax or Social Security payments.
5. The employer must be equipped with sufficient economic material and personal means to carry out the business project and meet the obligations and duties to the worker.



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