Foreigners from outside the EU who plan to develop an entrepreneurial activity that is innovative in nature with special interest to Spain must request an express authorisation of residence for entrepreneurs, which is renewable for two years and allows the applicant to carry out the entrepreneurial activity.
In order to do this, a favourable report is required, covering the entrepreneurial and business activity to be developed in Spain.

The following business and entrepreneurial activities qualify:

1. Those which suppose employment creation.
2. Those which are innovative in nature with interest to Spain.
3. Those which lead to investment in Spain.

The following areas of the business plan shall be considered:

1. The applicant’s professional profile.
2. The activity being developed.
3. The quantity of the jobs that will be created.
4. The characteristics and qualifications required of each job.
5. The geographical area where the project will be carried out.
6. The supposed value of the investment.



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